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quotemarks It is time to use what we have learned in the last century.

It is time to use our new technology to increase the comfort of our best friends quotemarks2


Stephan Tournier is committed to bring any horse to its maximum degree of comfort. Trained in France at the National School of the Haras du Pin, he developed a passion for orthopedic shoeing and the technical knowledge to manage, prevent or cure a range of foot problems from navicular syndrome to gate irregularities.

A farrier for the 21st. century, he uses metron software to analyze foot x-rays for a customized approach to each horse. He developed his own method of shoeing and is now a sought after lecturer and clinician. "We have learned so much more about biomechanics in the last 30 years. Why are we still using the same way of shoeing, the same shoe, the same way? The only thing from the past we should keep is the old adage 'No hoof, no horse'. Aside from that, let's start a new tradition in horse shoeing science."


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